Transport Unions Unite to Support Workers’ Rights at Tesla

7 Dec 2023

In a powerful display of international worker solidarity, transport unions in Sweden and Denmark have joined forces to demand that Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, respects the negotiations with IF Metall union, workers’ rights and recognizes their right to a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) stands firmly in solidarity with this ongoing strike action.

The strike, initially launched by IF Metall, a Swedish labour union, quickly gained momentum as Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet, the Swedish Transport Workers Union, joined hands in a united front. This collective action underscores the determination of transport workers to secure fair treatment in their workplace.

In a recent development, Danish Union 3F has also joined the movement, further amplifying the voices of workers demanding justice and equality. The unity among transport unions across borders sends a clear message to Tesla: respect workers’ rights and adhere to the laws of the countries where you operate.

The ETF, representing the interests of transport workers across Europe, wholeheartedly supports this strike action. Their goal is to compel Tesla to comply with Swedish labour laws and engage in meaningful negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement. This strike has garnered international attention, with major news outlets like CNN and Time covering the story in detail.

As workers across borders unite for their rights, the pressure on Tesla to address these concerns grows stronger. The ETF continues to monitor the situation closely and reiterates its unwavering support for the workers fighting for a just workplace.

The European Transport Workers’ Federation remains committed to advocating for workers’ rights and a fair working environment across Europe and beyond. At last week’s Executive Committee meeting of the ETF, a statement was approved in solidarity with IF Metall.