Transport workers for transport workers

14 Mar 2022

The first ETF humanitarian aid transport is on its way to Ukraine.

The ETF convoy left Brussels this afternoon, and it is expected to reach the Slovak-Ukrainian border tomorrow.  With over one tonne of goods -winter clothing and safety shoes, thermo sheets, fleece jackets, raincoats, but also the sleeping bags, some basic medicines and dry food- these items are destined for our transport workers in need in Ukraine.

ETF’s transport unions across Europe are working tirelessly to provide further assistance and aid to all members of our transport family.

As our ETF President, Frank Moreels, and ETF General Secretary, Livia Spera said:

There is no time for hesitation! In times of war, there is no time for hesitation.  Trade unions must be clear in condemning war and choose radically for peace! Transport workers connect the world. They allow people to travel, meet their loved ones, and discover the world. They help cross bridges and borders, overcoming distances and differences.

In every war, 90% of the victims are civilians, and the war in Ukraine makes no exception. As in every war, the victims are the workers we represent. The workers we represent and their families are being killed, their houses and the buildings of our unions are being destroyed.

We all have the duty to send a strong and united condemnation for this and every other war. There is no time for hesitation. Trade unions, no matter their political family or country of origin, have to condemn the war. This is the only possible choice if we want to stand by the values that we claim to defend: freedom, equality, brotherhood, solidarity and democracy.’

Our affiliates in Ukraine, the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine (MTWTU) and the Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Constructors of Ukraine (TURTCU), will disperse the humanitarian aid  to those transport workers and families who are most in need.

We  stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and will continue to offer help!