Unions at Eurokai: Our Cypriot, German and Italian affilates share concerns and pledge mutual support

14 Mar 2019

The Eurokai Group is a giant in the port and logistics sectors, active in many European countries. It is important for the workers of huge international companies like this to maintain links and solidarity across borders, and cooperation between their unions is the best way to do it. That’s why representatives from six ETF affiliate unions in Cyprus, Germany and Italy who organise Eurokai workers are meeting today and tomorrow in Bremen.

This builds on a meeting last May, when our German members from ver.di met with three Italian affiliates and decided to establish a framework for cooperation and mutual support for all the terminal owned or controlled by the Eurokai group. Discussions in Bremen have focused on the worsening of industrial relations reported by our Italian members. In most of the terminals that Eurokai owns in Italy through their subsidiary Contship our affiliates described a general lack of response from the management, even in crisis situations. They also worry about a lack of investment in new equipment, which raises questions about the competitiveness and the future of the terminals and also workers’ safety.

All ETF affiliates at the meeting renewed their commitment to mutually support each other and keep cooperating. In view of the serious crisis affecting some of the Italian terminals and the direct consequences this may have on jobs and working conditions, ver.di agreed to open a specific dialogue with the Italian comrades and seek ways to support them.