Global changes shaping the future of our industry

The world is changing around us, and so is society. What will this mean for the transport sector and its workers? Preparing for these global changes is an area where unions can and must cooperate internationally, to share our insights and improve the impact of our response. These issues are complex and reach far beyond everyday workplaces experiences, so unions need to know what is coming. Our research helps unions prepare to act.

The EU co-funded ETF project TRENDS – anticipating the impact of changes in transport on employment, working conditions, professions and skills took place in the period November 2015 to April 2017. The project’s main aim is to develop a strategy to anticipate changes in the transport sector regarding four megatrends:

  • economic developments and globalisation
  • technological change, automation and digitalisation
  • demographic change
  • climate change

These changes will all impact employment, working conditions and skills needs in the transport sector. They will bring changes to all the transport professions. Read more by clicking the links above, or download our research report.

In Focus

Info August 14, 2018

Climate Change

Human activity is making our planet warmer, and the transport sector is partly responsible. One reason is the low prices which social dumping and exploitation allow, creating excessive demand for cheap transport services. We call for urgent action to reduce the environmental impact of transport, coupled with a fair and just transition for affected workers.

Info August 14, 2018


Globalisation has transformed trade patterns and thus the demand for transport services. This could mean more jobs in transport, but how do we ensure quality and fair working conditions?

Info August 14, 2018

Demographic shifts

Europe’s population is aging, and population growth is weak. Meanwhile, an ever higher percentage of people live in urban areas, and rural regions face depopulation. What will these changes mean for our transport sector and its workers?

Info August 18, 2018

Technological change

Automation and digitalisation are reshaping our economy, and the transport sector will be greatly affected.

Statement December 11, 2019

ETF’s first reaction to the European Green Deal

ETF welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on the European Green Deal. As representatives of transport workers in Europe, we are perfectly aware that in order to mitigate climate change it is crucial to transform the transport sector. In this first reaction to the Communication, we want to highlight several issues that are crucial for transport workers.