More Women in Urban Public Transport

In Europe the share of women in urban public transport (UPT) is about 17.5 %. This is an average, and of course there are differences between countries, cities and even the various UPT professions.

Urban public transport is a key public service for citizens, and in many cities public transport can create secure and stable local jobs with good working conditions.

However, the UPT sector is influenced by stereotypical thinking that excludes women. Violence and aggression against passengers and workers is an increasing phenomena, which often prevents women joining the sector. Moreover, working conditions are deteriorating because of increased competition and the financial cuts caused by austerity policies. This means society as a whole is facing greater psychosocial risks in congested cities with aggressive people and no time for proper rest.

The ETF wants more women in public transport. The ETF wants quality working conditions for women in public transport.

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