COVID-19: Italian women transport workers speak out

3 Apr 2020

As the health crisis continues, these women continue to do their jobs to keep Italy moving!






Ilena (28) works as a driver in a transport company for Amazon Transport: “It is hard to work as the number of deliveries are growing, I’m proud of my work but I prefer to deliver only essential goods in this health emergency, please when you click “buy” on Amazon’s platform think of me and try to buy essential good only, there will be time for buying all the rest.”








Lorella and Luciana



Lorella (58)  and Luciana (53)  work in the warehouse of TNT-Fedex (Monza Lombardy: red Zone): “ Screw the Coronavirus, we won’t go down without a fight and we will defeat the virus and we will continue to deliver essential goods to hospitals!”







Daniela (35) train manager for a local railway company: “During COVID-19 my primary work is to ensure health and safety standards on the train.  I left my 1-year-old baby at home with his father and I’m very afraid of spreading the virus among my family.”












Mariateresa (52), a bus driver working in Northern Italy: “My job is important, and I want to do it with all security and health standards. I’m not afraid to do my work during coronavirus, I think if everyone does their job and respects restriction measures, we will make it” “Andrà tutto bene” (Ed: Translated from Italian Everything will be fine)







Transport workers are the ones that keep Europe moving – through the good times and the bad. You deserve to have your story heard.

You may contact:


Begüm Boynukalin, European Transport Workers’ Federation
Communications Officer
+32 478 79 40 53

Zala Turšič, European Transport Workers’ Federation
Communications Officer
+32 478 79 41 12