ETF Railway Section calls for peace

15 Mar 2022

The Steering Committee of the ETF Railway Section condemns the war in Ukraine as we condemn all wars worldwide.

We urge political leaders to stop the use of violence and turn to diplomatic ways to reestablish peace.

Railway workers of Ukraine have found themselves in the crossfire of the conflict. We stand in solidarity with them and commend the bravery with which our colleagues have been working day and night to bring people to refuge in neighbouring countries and to transport essential supplies such as food and medicine.

Despite the risk, they have offered to operate evacuation corridors to bring people to safety, especially in the most dangerous regions in the east of the country.

We remain watchful to safeguard these workers and all refugees against exploitation and guarantee that they are provided with housing, stable jobs, access to education and healthcare.

Violence and aggression must never be allowed to win. Solidarity and peace must always win.