ETF supports Italian unions on the issue of self-handling in ports

23 Jun 2020


The Italian government has recently approved a series of measures to support the resumption of economic activities, following COVID-19 measures. The measures lack clarity on rules on self-handling in ports, a practice through which port loading and unloading operations are carried out by maritime workers onboard vessels.

The Italian trade unions have submitted amendments to the current legislation, including: the introduction of stringent criteria on authorizations to carry out port operations, specific requirements, as well as the existence of technological means suitable for carrying out these activities safely.

The ETF Dockers’ Section has sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport in support of the requests of its Italian affiliates.

ETF stands by the side of the Italian unions in asking for rules that clarify the problem of self-handling in ports, and we truly hope that the proposals presented will be approved.

Bera Tommasi, ETF Policy Officer for Dockers, provides more details about the situation and ETF’s support with the affiliate unions: