Event October 24, 2019

ETF’s affiliates want more worker participation!

Transport workers’ representatives gathered for the final conference of the ETF/Syndex project: “EWCs in transport: More and better participation now!”. Strengthening the EWC means strengthening trade unions.

Event October 24, 2019

ETF Dockers & Seafarers wrap up joint project by agreeing on shared action plan

Just Yesterday, October 23, ETF Seafarers and Dockers wrapped up the closing event of their joint EU-funded project for a stronger and more sustainable European maritime sector. This final seminar was dedicated to identifying common priorities and developing joint activities and strategies for the coming years. ETF Dockers and Seafarers finished by agreeing on a shared action plan and committing to systematically continue cooperation through joint meetings and campaigns both on a European and an international level.

Event October 16, 2019

ETF’s Fair Shipping Conference – make shipping in Europe fair!

ETF will present its proposal for a European Maritime Space for Socially Sustainable Shipping during the Fair Shipping Conference on November 5, 2019. Join the debate and discuss alongside key policymakers from the European Commission, experts, and stakeholders!

Event June 19, 2019

A stone in the sea to defend aquatic ecosystems and Fair Transport

FLAI CGIL and ETF dedicated a stone sculpture to Fair Transport as part of the project ‘La Casa dei Pesci’. Our huge block of marble has now been lowered into the Mediterranean. It will become part of an underwater gallery which prevents illegal fishing and offers a habitat to fish.

Event June 13, 2019

Pillars of the Sea 2 – Kick off meeting

ETF and Europêche will work together on a range of projects to guarantee safer and better work for fishers: guidelines for medical examinations and the recruitment of migrant fishers, an updated Fishery Speak app, and lobbying governments to follow international rules.

Event June 7, 2019

Young dockers at the negotiating table!

This year our young dockers from 8 European countries were invited by the ETF and Solidarność to Gdynia in Poland. The main activity was a training workshop and role playing exercise about how to succeed in collective bargaining negotiations. The participants also discussed the recent EU elections, ways to build powerful youth movements, and the role of unions in Poland’s rebellion against dictatorship.

Event March 26, 2019

Transport workers, trade unions and MEPs all together for a Fair Transport

Our Fair Transport action week is for workers and policymakers all over Europe. But of course the European Parliament is a very special audience for us. That is why hundreds of transport workers from different countries were in Strasbourg today for a demonstration with trade unions and MEPs.