Event June 28, 2018

TASCS Expert Workshop

Valuable insights added to the preliminary conclusions of the researchers.

Event June 22, 2018

Young Dockers discuss burning issues in the future of dockwork

More than 40 young dockers from 14 unions and 10 countries travelled to Walsrode, Germany, for the second ETF young dockers meeting. They discussed port automation and solidarity, while sharing experiences about how to organise young dockers and make them active trade union members. Their aim is to build a fair future for dockworkers.

Event December 14, 2017

EU member states discuss ETF proposals on Mobility Package

The ETF organised a breakfast meeting about the EU Mobility Package with diplomats responsible for transport at the Permanent Representations – the Brussels offices of EU member states. The transport attachés of 12 member states attended the event, which was hosted by Austrian trade union organisations OGB and Vida, in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Labour. The purpose of the meeting was to explain and discuss trade union perspectives on the Mobility Package, which aims to simplify European rules…