Italian dockers strike – ETF sends message of solidarity to struggle for Fair Transport

11 May 2018

Today, Friday 11 May, all Italian ports are closed due to a unity strike by ETF affiliates FIT CGIL, FIT CISL and UILTRASPORTI. In all the major port cities dockers will be rallying together with other maritime workers.

So why have dockworkers been forced to take this action?

Italian regulations and international agreements make it clear that lashing and cargo handling are dockers’ work. But many shipping lines continue to push their seafarers to carry out these tasks. These breaches of legistlation put dockers jobs at risk and threaten seafarers’ safety and wellbeing.

Since the beginning of the year three workers have died while working in Italian ports.

Frustratingly, Italian authorities have failed to give a firm response to this crisis. In fact, since the recent reform, port governance is not functioning properly and we now see the impact this has on working conditions.

The ETF sends solidarity and support to our colleagues in Italy. Their struggle is a just struggle for quality work and Fair Transport!