COVID-19: Member States adopt temporary relaxation of driving and rest time rules

23 Mar 2020

To keep our homes well stored up with food and medical supplies, some hundreds of thousands of drivers in goods delivery sectors are driving around the clock all over Europe. Many Member States have adopted a temporary relaxation of driving and rest time rules in order for the industry to meet the delivery demands caused by the pandemic.

While people need to keep safe and healthy, we warn against the risks in adopting a regime of long driving and working hours and reduced rest time: increased levels of fatigue, increased levels of exposure and vulnerability to contamination, increased risk for all those who come in touch with our drivers! This, in a sector with poor work-life balance and working conditions that has long ceased to attract young people.

For all these reasons, the ETF will keep an eye on these derogations. They must be truly temporary in nature and strictly limited to goods of stringent necessity.

Please signal all abuses with your transport trade unions or with the ETF via our ETF Road Transport Section Facebook page.

Download an overview of the different driving and rest time rules regimes, per Member State, at your right.

For an up-to-date overview of all mobility measures implemented or announced by EU Member States please visit the European Commission website.