Road Transport

Enforcement road

EU legislation covering bus, coach and road freight transport is vast, but poorly enforced. In recent years EU member states have cut up to 75% of their enforcement capacity as part of national austerity programmes. The ETF promotes smart enforcement and we have concrete proposals on it.

23 Sep 2018

Bus and coach

Working as a bus or coach driver is not easy. Long working hours are the norm in this profession. Tasks include loading and unloading luggage, picking up and dropping off passengers, cleaning the bus or coach and preparing it for the next journey, and of course driving the passengers safely. The ETF fights for better conditions for bus and coach drivers.

23 Sep 2018

Automated driving

Driverless lorries are on everyone’s mind in road transport. ETF is determined to sure drivers and their working conditions are at the heart of the debates.

23 Sep 2018

Project capacity building road

The EU road transport sector is facing multiple transformations. We help unions make sure that political debates include workers’ concerns.

23 Sep 2010
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