Mobility Package rules on posting come into force, yet questions over enforcement remain!

2 Feb 2022

ETF welcomes the next component of the Mobility Package coming into force today – posting.  Through robust control and regulation, these new rules on posting can directly address key issues in road transport; such as wage dumping and unfair competition:

  • Drivers will only be excluded from posting when transport starts in the country of company establishment – bad news for letter-box companies
  • The new smart tachograph and the electronic exchange of information will enable good enforcement of rules
  • Posting rules will apply to non-EU drivers working on the EU territory

An explainer on why these rules matter:

However, we continue to remain concerned by the lack of enforcement of the Mobility Package – a breakthrough piece of European legislation designed to make the working conditions of drivers better, and ensure dignity for workers in road transport. With the protection provided by these mandatory conditions, bad players in road transport do not have an unfair advantage over firms conducting socially responsible operations. In an attempt to halt the race to the bottom across the sector, the new posting rules combat deteriorating wage and working conditions; one of the main causes of the crisis of driver shortage in recent years.

It is thus pointless to have new rules, if they fail to serve the sector, its workers, the road users and the passengers.

The ETF Road Transport Section reiterates its call to Member States, operators and the European Commission to ensure that the new rules on posting are implemented effectively and without delay. Without proper enforcement, our hard-won rights will not go beyond guidance and recommendation. Member States must step up and accelerate their efforts to oversee comprehensive implementation of the new posting rules. We demand strong enforcement for all of the regulations in the Mobility Package.

We will continue our campaign to demand the enforcement of the mobility package, as a means of solving the crisis in road transport!