Petition for More Democracy at Work!

16 Oct 2020

ETF and fellow ETUFs have joined the ETUC to launch a petition for more democracy at work.

Democracy at work is essential for socially responsible restructuring processes delivering a solution for each and every worker. The financial crisis and the pandemic have shown: companies with workers’ participation take more long-term and sustainable decisions with social and economic benefits. European trade unions are therefore calling on the European and national institutions to act now to ensure that workers’ rights are respected in restructuring processes across all workplaces.

The European institutions and national governments must deliver concrete and rapid actions to guarantee the effective enforcement of workers’ rights to be informed, consulted and to participate in companies and public administrations‘ decision-making before any envisaged decision that may impact jobs, income and working conditions is adopted.

Please find here the link to sign the petition. You may download our joint call at your right.