United, we fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe

ETF and its affiliates join the ETUC campaign to stop Austerity 2.0 and fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe. We cannot and will not accept that workers are again obliged to carry the burden of the economic crisis while corporations are using increased costs as an excuse to increase profits.

19 Jun 2023

European trade unions call for more democracy at work

The ETUC and ETUFs handed over a petition for more democracy at work to the European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit and MEPs, calling for concrete and rapid actions to guarantee the effective enforcement and compliance of workers’ rights to be informed, consulted and to participate in decision-making before any decision is adopted. 

26 Nov 2020

Save your sky! – For a safe and resilient air traffic control system

To inform the EU citizens of the current situation of Air Traffic Services and potential consequences for the safety in the skies, Unions and Professional Associations representing ATM/ANS (Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services) staff (ATCEUC, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATCA, IFATSEA) have decided to launch a petition.

Press Release
23 Jun 2020