Social dumping in road transport damages all European workers – Romanian union ATU calls for a fair EU Mobility Package

29 Jun 2018

290618_Story driver

The fight for a fair EU Mobility Package is a fight for all workers in the road transport sector. The Package, a total reform of the rules governing Europe’s road transport sector, is set to change the face of road freight, and international bus and coach services. But any reform that legalises social dumping and wage inequalities weakens the faith in the European project. And our drivers ask: Is that the future we want to see for the European single market?

The European Parliament will soon hold a crucial vote on the Mobility Package, so Romanian ETF-affiliate ATU has been writing to all Romanian MEPs. The letter, signed by ATU President Ion Radoi and ETF Road Transport Section President Robert Parillo, demands that MEPs “vote in favour of tight driving and rest time rules, in favour of a loophole-free return-to-the-home country solution, in favour of proper rest conditions for the drivers, and in favour of eliminating any form of wage-discrimination based on nationality.”

From all new member states Romania accounts for the largest delegation of MEPs in the European Parliament’s Social Democrat political group. Romania is also the one of the two EU countries that provides the most labour in road transport. Tens of thousands of Romanian truck drivers are stuck in Western Europe at weekends – sometimes for months on end. They want a better life for them and their families.

Will the Romanian MEP’s rise to the challenge and vote for fair pay and decent conditions in the road transport sector?

See the full text of the letters below, and read more about our campaign for a fair Mobility Package on