Youth labour movements call for quality education for all

12 August is marked by the United Nation’s International Youth Day. In 2019, the main theme is ‘Transforming Education’.
Inclusive and equitable societies start with ensuring a good start for everyone – this is why global labour youth movements are calling on this day to ensure that all young people have access to quality education and training!

12 Aug 2019

Young dockers at the negotiating table!

This year our young dockers from 8 European countries were invited by the ETF and Solidarność to Gdynia in Poland. The main activity was a training workshop and role playing exercise about how to succeed in collective bargaining negotiations. The participants also discussed the recent EU elections, ways to build powerful youth movements, and the role of unions in Poland’s rebellion against dictatorship.

7 Jun 2019

Gender Training Package

ETF Gender training package:  a support tool for trade union activists – women and men – to share and develop their knowledge and experience in the field of gender equality.  

23 Sep 2018

Dockers’ training and qualifications

Training and qualifications are a core topic for the ETF Dockers’ Section. This project gathered and disseminated knowledge on the different training and qualification systems in place in the EU, making ETF and our affiliates leading experts on the issue. We also organised debates with our partners, such as port authorities and operators, along with training centres and institutional actors.

27 Jul 2018
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