Union action in the time of COVID-19: SEV President, Giorgio Tuti speaks out

8 Apr 2020
ETF Railway Section President and President of Swiss Union SEV, Giorgio Tuti speaks out on the COVID-19 pandemic, and his union’s demands:
He tells us: Transport workers move Switzerland and Europe forward! Without transport workers, nothing would work! Public services are important for all countries, Europe is moving because of transport workers because they are still here doing their jobs! As a union in Switzerland, we protect workers in public transport. 
In Switzerland, SEV’s demands revolve around 3 key points:
1) Safety measures must be respected, they control places of work to make sure safety measures are being respected and intervene if they are not.
2) Salaries should be paid in full: 100%! Workers shouldn’t have to pay the price for this crisis! They work around the clock all year long! In these difficult times, it is very important that people can count on their salaries!
3) No to termination of employment! This is key! Transport workers must keep their jobs, there must be no termination of employment contracts.
“As a union, we are working to make sure these three key points are respected.”
“I am proud of the workers in the transport sector all over Europe!”