Viva la solidarietà! Italian unions launch joint platform for decent work in transport

26 Jun 2019

Banner for Italian unions' joint Executive CommitteeThe trade union movement is all about workers standing together in strength. That’s the essence of a union and its power! As the world gets more and more connected, we also need to build bridges between unions – not just across borders but also inside individual countries.

Today it is wonderful to see our three Italian affiliates FILT CGIL, FIT CISL and UILTrasporti holding a joint Executive Committee meeting in Rome. The Italian government has not been speaking to transport workers or their unions. So today they will launch a joint platform for decent work in transport and then announce a massive mobilisation across the sector, under the slogan Let’s get the country moving again.

Here in the unions this is how we do it…if you ignore us, we will just get louder! The ETF and its affiliates across Europe will be following this new wave of union action in Italy, ready to offer our solidarity and support.