Work in the time of COVID-19: Transport workers’ stories

30 Mar 2020

The work and the lives of transport workers around Europe have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic for weeks now. The threat of the disease and the measures implemented by governments and the EU have resulted in changes to workload, working conditions, working equipment and more. The effects of these changes will be felt for a long time to come.

To understand the current situation and its short- and long-term effects, we want to collect and share the experiences of workers, the voices that are often ignored, and left unheard. We refuse to let that happen! Only workers’ experiences can help us all understand what is needed to create policies that support the workers and the sectors.

Many transport workers continue to do their job – seafarers, dockers, truck drivers and warehouse workers are among those that ensure that essential goods such as food and medicine are still available to us. Are your health and safety protected? Do you have access to protective equipment? Can you take paid sick leave when you don’t feel well?

Other transport workers’ working conditions have changed in other ways – public transport has been limited in many countries, yet still many people depend on these services. Are the bus, train and metro workers protected? How is the decrease in working hours affecting your incomes?

Lastly, many transport workers have been laid off as their sectors have been almost shut down completely. In what ways are companies and governments ensuring your social and financial security? What guarantees have been put in place so that you are ready to return to your workplaces once the crisis subsides?

We want to hear from you – send us a short testimony about your work in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be anonymous!

Transport workers are the ones that keep Europe moving – through the good times and the bad. You deserve to have your story heard.

You may contact:


Begüm Boynukalin, European Transport Workers’ Federation
Communications Officer
+32 478 79 40 53

Zala Turšič, European Transport Workers’ Federation
Communications Officer
+32 478 79 41 12


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