Europe needs a fair #MobilityPackage

Decent work for professional drivers. Safety for all road users.

The Mobility Package is a massive revision of the EU legislation applicable to road transport. Three packages have been launched so far by the European Commission, but the most important reforms for road transport workers and the ETF are:

  • Revision of EU driving and rest time regulations
  • The application of new rules on the posting of workers to bus, coach and truck drivers
  • Changes to cabotage* rules for both freight and passenger transport
  • Regulations that aim to eradicate letter-box companies

Regrettably, the new proposals would give employers more flexibility in arranging drivers’ schedules. If this means longer hours and less rest, then it is a grave risk for road safety and drivers’ health and well being. The proposal also undermines the principle of equal pay for equal work in the same place, because it temporarily exempts drivers from the application of posting rules that insist international workers should be paid at local rates wherever they work.

Since the launch of the Package, on 31 May 2018, the ETF Road Transport Section has been engaged in a multi-faceted political campaign. Our mission is to fight for a fair EU Mobility Package for professional drivers and road users alike.

* Cabotage refers to services that both begin and end inside the same member state which is not a company’s home state. For example, a Polish-registered company picking up and delivering a parcel inside France is undertaking cabotage. EU rules set limits on cabotage.

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