Campaign: Tugs

Svitzer workers go on strike in The Netherlands for the 9th time!

Workers at the Dutch tug company continue their fight to get their overtime paid. Instead of working for free, they decided to do voluntary work in a different way: they got elderly people from a retirement home on board of boats and gave them a tour of the port!

20 Jun 2019

A tug worker sends an SOS call about social dumping

A tug captain from Antwerp has issued an SOS call, asking for action against social dumping in the sector. His story highlights a specific case of unfair competition in Belgium, but it is a story that will echo with tug captains across Europe. The ETF is building a network of tug captains, and we will stand with them in their struggle to defend decent pay and conditions in this vital profession.

Worker's Story
12 Jun 2019

Fair Tugging Campaign

ETF affiliates in Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK are flying the flag in support of our Fair Tugging Campaign!

19 Mar 2019