Campaigns & Issues


Campaign September 23, 2018

Ryanair workers raise their voice

The ETF has long called for fair pay and conditions at Ryanair. Now workers are breaking the silence.


Issues August 7, 2019

Safer Skies

Aviation is a very safe form of transport, but accidents can be devastating. Aviation workers are experts on their industry, and they play a vital role in keeping passengers safe. In an emergency they are there to protect passengers. ETF works to ensure that all aviation workers have the training and rest needed for peak performance. We also bring workers’ perspectives to the international bodies which establish safety rules for the sector.


Projects March 2, 2021

Social conditions in bus and coach transport in Europe

ETF project develops solid know-how on social conditions and Collective Labour Agreements in the bus and coach sector to enable ETF member organisations to safeguard drivers’ pay and conditions, in an ever-changing market.

Campaign March 19, 2019

Stop Social Dumping in Rail

The ETF Railway Section campaign “Stop social dumping – for safe and social rail transport in Europe” wants safe and social rail transport.

Projects November 15, 2018

A socially sustainable EU Common Fisheries Policy

Preserving fish stocks is vital, but the EU must also pay attention to the workers who bring our fish from sea to plate. We’re teaming up with EFFAT for a project developing a vision of decent work along the fisheries supply chain.