Campaigns & Issues


Campaign September 23, 2018

Ryanair workers raise their voice

The ETF has long called for fair pay and conditions at Ryanair. Now workers are breaking the silence.


Issues August 7, 2019

Safer Skies

Aviation is a very safe form of transport, but accidents can be devastating. Aviation workers are experts on their industry, and they play a vital role in keeping passengers safe. In an emergency they are there to protect passengers. ETF works to ensure that all aviation workers have the training and rest needed for peak performance. We also bring workers’ perspectives to the international bodies which establish safety rules for the sector.


Campaign March 19, 2019

Stop Social Dumping in Rail

The ETF Railway Section campaign “Stop social dumping – for safe and social rail transport in Europe” wants safe and social rail transport.


Issues September 23, 2018

The Single European Sky

An EU project to streamline the management of European airspace. In practice this means moving from a purely national management of airspace and air traffic, towards a series of Functional Airspace Blocks which cross national borders


Campaign May 23, 2019

Train Crew Campaign

We’re fighting to keep on-board staff on European trains! This human presence is fundamental to assure the comfort and safety of all passengers, including persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.


Issues August 14, 2018


Climate change. Digitalisation and automation. Demographic shifts. Globalisation. The world is changing around us, and so is society. What will this mean for the transport sector and its workers? Our research helps unions prepare to act.

Campaign May 23, 2019

Promoting women's employment in rail

Women are seriously under-represented in the workforce of the European railway enterprises. The European social partners for rail are calling for action to promote better integration and participation of women in the railway sector.


Issues July 16, 2019

Women in shipping

A more gender-balanced shipping industry for Europe