Fair Transport action week: day one

23 Mar 2019

The first day of our Fair Transport action week is behind us and ETF affiliates have already taken part all over Europe. From the East to the West, the North to the South we are astonished at the support that we got in only 36 hours.

Fair Transport Europe Launch Breakfast in Brussels

ETF President Frank Moreels and Secretary General Eduardo Chagas presented the vision and demands of our campaign to journalists and union federations, then described the coordinated wave of actions against that will sweep through Europe in the coming days.

La Staffetta sets off from Palermo

The relay race promoted by our Italian affiliates FILT-CGIL, FIT-CISL and UIL-Trasporti set off. Italian workers and their unions will travel up Italy and reach Brussels for our big demonstration on 27 March.

Dockers and seafarers together for Fair Transport in Constanța

Transport workers from our affiliate unions FNSP and SLN gathered at the port of Constanța to support our Fair Transport campaign at the exact moment we were launching our final action week in Brussels!

Taking the Fair Transport message underground in Bucharest 

ETF affiliate USLM (ATU) have been sharing Fair Transport messages throughout the Bucharest metro system. Passengers and transport workers learnt more about our huge campaign against social dumping in Europe.

FLAI-CGIL for Fair Fisheries in Europe

FLAI CGIL took action in Talamone to promote a fair fisheries sector in Europe. The event was the occasion to present a marble block sculpted by Aurora Avvantaggiato. The sculpture will be deposited on the seabed in front of Talamone next month as a haven for wildlife and a message against illegal fishing.

Our Nordic affiliate unions stand together for Fair Transport

Nordic transport workers and trade unions are converging at the Transport Trade Fair in Herning, Denmark. The Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation met up with Denmark’s Fagbladet 3F there to celebrate these Nordic actions for respect and dignity at work.

YTF Convoy: From Oslo to Brussels for Fair Transport in Europe!

Yrkestrafikkforbundet is a transport trade union and ETF affiliate in Norway. As enthusistic participants in our Fair Transport Europe campaign for decent work, they have branded a huge lorry with Fair Transport slogans. Now they are driving it from Oslo to Brussels for the demo on 27 March 2019.

Fair Transport in Europe: Young workers on the move

As part of our action week for Fair Transport in Europe, the high point of our campaign against social dumping and exploitation, the ETF Youth Committee is organising a series of Youth Journeys. Young activists will be travelling towards Brussels for the massive demo on 27 March, acting as video reporters on the way.