General Strike in France: ETF stands in solidarity!

5 Dec 2019

The French are calling it “jeudi noir”. France’s nationwide strike on December 5, 2019, could be the biggest in decades.

Roads, ferries, trains, civil aviation, urban public transport: the French transport sector is rising up and they are making their voices heard! The transport workers of France, home of the revolution, have spoken and they’re demanding social rights!

The government is blocking social justice and dismantling the social model; when this happens, unions and workers are right to take action and stand up for their rights. The reforms put forward by the French government must be fought in order to avoid even lower working conditions and wages, and the restriction of unions’ rights. We also understand the anger and the frustration of workers with regard to the pension reform plans.

On behalf of the 5 million transport workers represented by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), we send solidarity for our French affiliates’ legitimate and justified national strike.

These actions are part of the fight led by ETF and its affiliates for a fair transport sector for workers. Together, we are stronger.

With our letter of solidarity (which you may download on your right), we sincerely wish this national strike every success.

Let us hope that it shows the strength of our movement and the validity of our demands – for a fairer France and Europe! Que la France tremble en voyant le peuple se lever !