Union action in the time of COVID-19: Affiliate actions

2 Apr 2020

As the health crisis continues, transport workers keep Europe moving! Unions are hard at work to make sure that workers’ rights are being respected, and are taking action when this is not the case! Here, you will find links to articles on such actions!

We are proud of our affiliates and of the 5 million transport workers we represent!


Links to stories below:

02/04/2020 Union action in the time of COVID-19: ver.di calls for respect and solidarity with truck drivers!

03/04/2020 Union action in the time of COVID-19: BTB’s appeal to petrol stations to keep sanitary facilities open for truckers receives positive response!

03/04/2020 COVID-19: Importance of trade union action and social dialogue in extraordinary times (Kapers, Switzerland)

06/04/2020 Union action in time of COVID-19: VSZ hard at work to ensure health & safety of railway workers

08/04/2020 Union action in the time of COVID-19: SEV President, Giorgio Tuti speaks out

08/04/2020 COVID-19: Employment preservation negotiations in the UK

23/04/2020 COVID-19: Passenger charter is “key element in guaranteeing safe working conditions” (vida, younion joint action)

24/04/2020 COVID-19: Czech union action relieves seafarers’ worries

27/04/2020 COVID-19: Seafarers’ unions secure workers’ repatriation

30/04/2020 COVID-19: Limitations on e-commerce stay in place after Italian union intervention

06/05/2020 COVID-19: Ukrainian seafarers’ union and community welfare

07/05/2020 COVID-19: Polish unions united in ATM negotiations

08/05/2020 COVID-19: Unions providing a welcoming space for seafarers in Antwerp

11/05/2020 COVID-19: Mediation and union action by Norwegian’s workers in Spain

12/05/2020 COVID-19: Italian unions take part in exit strategy negotiations

18/05/2020 COVID-19: German initiative helps stranded seafarers connect

20/05/2020 COVID-19: German ground handling workers rally to expose shortcomings of outsourcing

1/06/2020 COVID-19: EVG signs cooperation to protect railway workers’ rights!

20/07/2020 Cross-border union cooperation results in repatriation of sick seafarers