Campaigns & Issues

Campaign September 23, 2018

Ground Handling Campaign

Don’t mess with ground handling jobs! ETF campaign for better EU regulation and fair rules on transfer of staff.

Campaign September 23, 2018

Just culture campaign to further improve aviation safety

Workers in air traffic management are responsible for keeping thousands of people safe every day. One way to improve safety is to analyse mistakes, learn lessons and adjust procedures and processes accordingly. Therefore organisations must foster a culture in which staff know they will be treated fairly.

Campaign August 6, 2018

Lashing is Dockers' Work!

Lashing is the operation which secures cargo (containers, vehicles, general cargo, etc.) on board a ship. This is a hard and hazardous task, but a vital one to ensure that cargo, ships and seafarers reach their destination safely. That is why seafarers’ collective bargaining agreements signed by the ITF and its affiliate unions contain a clause stating that lashing can only be done by qualified dockers, unless otherwise agreed by the local dockers’ unions.

Issues September 4, 2018

Managerial and Professional Staff in Transport

Managerial and professional staff (MPS) face a wide range of specific workplace challenges, ranging from an excessive demand for availability to the risk of criminalisation when things go wrong.

Campaign September 23, 2018

Cross-border cooperation against social dumping

Road transport is by nature a cross-border activity. That means we need cross-border cooperation between trade unions to defend drivers’ rights. A joint trade union cooperation office started operating in October 2017 precisely with aim. Trade unions from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Romania have agreed to assist unionised Romanian drivers working in these countries.

Campaign September 23, 2017

Respect Drivers!

Loopholes in EU law fuel the exploitation of professional drivers. They deserve dignity at work.

Campaign September 23, 2018

Our Rights - Your Safety

The European Commission is encouraging member states to limit the right to strike for workers in air traffic control (ATC). This is a clear attack on a fundamental right. and also an area where the Commission has no power to intervene. ETF will not let these threats pass.

Issues August 7, 2019

Safer Skies

Aviation is a very safe form of transport, but accidents can be devastating. Aviation workers are experts on their industry, and they play a vital role in keeping passengers safe. In an emergency they are there to protect passengers. ETF works to ensure that all aviation workers have the training and rest needed for peak performance. We also bring workers’ perspectives to the international bodies which establish safety rules for the sector.

Campaign March 19, 2019

Stop Social Dumping in Rail

The ETF Railway Section campaign “Stop social dumping – for safe and social rail transport in Europe” wants safe and social rail transport.

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