Issue: European Aviation Safety Agency

Reports of “Management by fear” in EASA: Union activity is not the problem

As the representative body of all aviation workers in Europe we have seen first-hand the damage to workers and indeed to air safety caused by a “management of fear” which is attested to in a recent report. Therefore, we are deeply alarmed by the claims that this is potentially the style of management employed by EASA whose role is to protect air safety and promote just culture throughout the aviation industry.

9 Jun 2021

European Aviation Safety Agency

The ETF is committed to working with EASA, and our representatives play an important role in the various EASA advisory bodies. Our mission is to ensure that the rules and regulations are representative of our views protecting members’ safety and interests and to ensure these regulations are not driven by commercial interests.

2 Feb 2021

COVID-19: Guidelines for safe skies

Throughout the crisis, EASA has been publishing guidelines on the measures that need to be introduced in the new COVID-19 reality to protect workers. We’ve collected the key documents that are aimed at keeping the skies safe.

25 May 2020

EASA Capacity Building project – final conference

On 19 and 20 November 2019, an ETF civil aviation conference brought more than 100 participants from all over Europe to Dublin. Among them were numerous workers’ representatives, as well as representatives of the European Commission and EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

7 Jan 2020