European Aviation Safety Agency

Aviation workers have unique on-the-job expertise and experience on aviation safety, and their contribution to rulemaking improves relevancy as well as implementation on air safety.

The ETF strategy is to be involved at the highest possible level within EASA to influence the opinion and outcome of stakeholders at the relevant EASA meetings so that the rules and regulations reflect the opinion of the ETF members. Our mission is to ensure that the rules and regulations are representative of our views protecting members’ safety and interests and to ensure these regulations are not driven by commercial interests.

The ETF has always been committed to working with EASA, and our representatives play an important role in the various EASA advisory bodies. The role of our representatives is to consolidate our networks and be pro-active ensuring the views of the ETF are taken into consideration.

The ETF was instrumental in the revision of the New EASA Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 having a number of our recommendations included.

The ETF is currently working closely with EASA and Industry as a member of the Return to Normal Operation Task Force set up following the effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry. ETF will continue working closely with EASA on safety concerns especially for when industry re-start operations and at what speed with the resources available.

EASA Basic regulation

EASA COVID-19 guidelines

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