Open letter to EU: ‘Show you care – Keep facilities open in parking areas for professional drivers!’

29 Oct 2020

The ETF has addressed an open letter to EU member states on behalf of trade union member organisations representing professional drivers; calling on on national authorities across Europe to keep restaurants, cafes and sanitary facilities open in parking areas. The well-being of our drivers depends on it!

Back in March, due to COVID-19 measures, catering and sanitary facilities starting to close down in parking areas. Now, once again, many national and local authorities have been taking measures to contain the second wave of the pandemic. Consequently, truck drivers are once again at risk of being denied access to services of critical importance to their health and safety.

These facilities are key in allowing them a minimum level of decent working conditions, particularly when engaged in long-haul goods transport when having to spend nights in the trucks.

Throughout this crisis, governments and politicians have been expressing their deep gratitude to delivery workers and drivers that keep the flow of goods moving. We call for consistence! We call on them to show that they truly care, and to take measures without delay to ensure their access to sanitary facilities, restaurants, cafes and selling points for takeaway food and beverages.

The ETF and the millions of workers, who ensure that supermarkets are well stocked, that hospitals have medicine and supplies, and that citizens receive goods delivered straight to their door, are counting on you to heed our call.

You can read our open letter here and download it at your right.